Frequently Asked Questions

How does carbon offsetting work?

Carbon offsetting measures the amount of carbon an activity emits and determines whether it will cause or contribute to climate change. This is then matched with a sustainable project elsewhere which can reduce emissions correspondingly.
When you pay for a carbon offset, you are essentially paying for someone else to reduce their own CO2 emissions in an equal or greater measure in other ways.

Can carbon offsetting stop climate change?

Climate change is an extraordinarily complex challenge and no single solution is likely to stop climate change alone.
What we’re offering you is an opportunity for you to reduce or remove your carbon footprint.
Similar to individual votes in an election, a single contribution makes a small difference, but in aggregate, the contributions of many can make a huge difference. Climate change is no different.

Do I own the trees or carbon offsets that my money funds?

No. The carbon offsets are immediately “retired”, or decommissioned, once purchased. This means that the those offsets are permanently designated as spent, and can never be used, sold, or transferred again.
All planted trees are donated to the local community or farmers that actively participates in the respective reforestation projects. The proceeds from the trees will continue to benefit the locals for decades to come. This also has the added benefit that it provides incentives to protect and nurture the trees, ensuring they mature and reach their full CO2-absorbing potential.

What’s your project selection process?

We pool together all our customers’ contributions to drive major impact in 2-3 different projects at a time. The projects differ from time to time, as ongoing ones are completed and new ones are started, but they are all Gold Standard certified.
We primarily support reforestation and renewable energy, such as solar and wind farms, because these projects provide the largest CO2 reductions.

How do I pay for purchased offsets and trees?

You are billed at the end of each month for the accumulated purchases during the month, and pay in arrears.

Can I “undo” a purchase?

Yes, any pending purchases can be easily removed from your dashboard. Once a purchase has been paid, it’s finalized and can’t be undone.

How do I know that you’re really neutralizing my emissions?

All CO2e certificates that we purchase on our customers behalf are publicly available for transparency and scrutiny.

Why are my purchases pending?

All carbon offset and tree purchases are pending until they’ve been paid.

Does every calculation automatically result in a purchase?

Yes, CO2 emissions are calculated and neutralized simultaneously for your convenience.