Building Solar Power In Bhadla

The solar power plant in Bhadla is a high-impact carbon reduction project which reduces greenhouse gas emissions with approximately 694,471 tonnes of CO2e.

This Gold Standard certified project uses renewable solar energy to produce electricity. The generated electricity is subsequently exported via the INDIAN grid system and broadens the mix of electricity generators connected to the grid, which is largely made up of fossil-fuel power plants.

The construction of the plant will result in a reduction of 694,471 tCO2e each year in greenhouse gas emissions. This is essentially the same as replacing 732,874 MWh of electricity each year with renewable energy.

Apart from the large environmental benefits, the project has benefited and continues to benefit the local population. Thus far, it has resulted in 10 new employment opportunities, 27 training and education sessions, a medical camp to promote nutritional quality, and the installation of street lights in order to increase road safety.