1% contribution with every sale

Contributing a fraction of every purchase is both easy to communicate to your customers and has a meaningful climate impact.

Popularized by leading payment service provider Stripe, you may have seen the text “We contribute 1% of your purchase to remove carbon from the atmosphere” around the web. While carbon offsetting can be a relatively difficult concept to wrap your head around, fractional contributions is the opposite. It’s straightforward and immediately makes sense for end-users and businesses alike.

If you’re a Stripe user, you can easily enable Stripe Climate from your dashboard. This will automatically deduct 1% from the total amount of each order you receive and direct it towards experimental carbon removal projects. You should however note that while Stripe Climate is a powerful climate initiative, it is not based on carbon offsetting. Hence, you can’t rely on Stripe Climate to get any closer to net zero emissions in your own business.

On the flip side, that’s easy with Offsetta.