Grow your business while fighting climate change.

Build effective climate action directly into your website, app or e-commerce shop. Incentivize your users and boost your growth by planting trees and reducing carbon in the atmosphere.

Integrate anywhere with low-code

Embed carbon removal and tree planting into your existing workflows with just a few lines of code. Sign up, grab your API key, and make an HTTP request when you want to trigger climate action – that’s pretty much it.

 "authentication": {TOKEN},
 "description": earthday,
 "quantity": 1000

Zap here ⚡️ and plant there 🌴

Connect Offsetta to any of the 5000+ apps on Zapier with a webhook to plant trees and zap carbon out of the atmosphere with no code.


Offsetta is a powerful toolkit for high quality climate action with a simple API.


A simple RESTful API, designed for quick integration and ease of use.


Put sustainability on autopilot. Build the trigger, and we take care of the rest.

Real impact

We exclusively fund projects that are Gold Standard certified for maximum impact.

Direct purchase

Make single purchases of quality carbon offsets or plant additional trees at any time.

No code required

Offsetta was built with Zapier webhooks in mind, making it easy to integrate with no code.


Showcase your commitment to sustainability on your website with our dynamic badges.


Manage your API transactions, or run your entire climate program without the API.

Well connected

Offsetta works with thousands of your favorite apps. Use any Zapier app as a trigger.

Manage your climate efforts, effortlessly

See everything you need at a glance. Purchase additional carbon offsets or trees with just a few clicks. Edit or undo pending orders as needed.

The Gold Standard in offsetting

We combat climate change by funding tree planting and Gold Standard certified projects. The Gold Standard measures climate interventions to quantify and maximize their impact. It is endorsed by the WWF, the UN, the World Bank and governments around the world.

The Gold Standard


We kept it simple. No tiers, no fixed fees, no fine print. Get started for free, no credit card required. Pay only for the trees you plant and the carbon you offset.

Pay as you go

$0 / month
  • Dashboard
  • Website badges
  • Direct purchasing
  • Tree planting: 1€ / 1$ per tree
  • Carbon offsets: 0.5€ / 0.5$ per Kg CO2e

Calculate your carbon footprint

The Offsetta API accurately calculates the CO2e emissions of many common business activities, from web server energy usage to freight emissions.

 "authentication": {TOKEN},
 "activity:  passenger_vehicle_miles",
 "quantity": 123

Your questions, answered

Offsetta is a platform for climate action. We enable companies and organizations to automate their sustainability efforts and easily align them with their business goals. We firmly believe that the world is lagging behind on climate action because the incentives are misaligned. Our goal is to change that equation.

No, we’re a for-profit company. Doing good while also making a small profit enables us to move at a higher pace and create a bigger impact than we could as a non-profit.

No, Offsetta is an indie startup with no venture capital or investors involved.

When you’re offsetting your carbon (CO2) emissions, you’re essentially paying someone else to reduce their emissions with an equal amount. Reducing your own emissions as much as possible thus translates directly into cost savings. Whatever emissions you can’t reduce, you shuld offset, so that the total amount of CO2 released in the atmosphere is net neutral – or even positive.

No. Carbon offsetting reduces the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere immediately. Trees need a decade or more to mature after they’re planted before they absorb a meaningful amount of CO2. Both are however essential tools to combat climate change, as we need to both reduce the amount of CO2 that is emitted, and we need more trees to absorb the carbon emissions that can’t be avoided.

Ideally, you should do both, but if that’s not viable for you, tree planting is the best option in most cases. The benefits with tree planting are both tangible and easily communicated to your customers, while costs are typically lower.

We exclusively fund climate projects that are certified to be highly impactful by the Gold Standard. The Gold Standard is an organization that was founded by the WWF and is backed by the UN, the World Bank and many governments around the world.

All Gold Standard projects are verifiably additional, which means that the emissions they reduce would not have happened without the project.

If a project is viable in and of itself, such as through the sale of power or because of other means of funding, it cannot be used as an offset project since it would have been done regardless.

The principle of additionality is crucial because only carbon credits from activities that are “additional to” the normal operation scenario represent a net environmental benefit.

We are open to funding any independently certified project with high and verified climate impact. In most cases, such projects are directly related to solar or wind power generation, as they tend to generate the most tangible and immediate climate benefits.

Yes, whenever possible we fund projects with additional socioeconomic benefits. We give preference to projects that, among other things, promote gender equality, provide free or subsidized healthcare, offer job opportunities, or in other ways benefit the local communities.